High Quality Steel Metal Railings For Commercial and Residential Projects

End-to-end bespoke and durable metal railings covering London, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and the Home Counties


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Helping you steer clear of railing pitfalls

Getting your railings right first time is essential, no matter the property or project size. Poorly designed or installed railings can quickly lose their appeal or fail to meet building regulations, causing delays, disappointment, and loss of money. With Tony Perry, you get the expertise you deserve at every step of the process. Our experienced metalwork team make sure your railings look great, fit well and will stand the test of time.

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Our Typical Bespoke Metal Railings Include:

  • Railings for public buildings and schools
  • High-security railings
  • Decorative railings for commercial premises
  • Railings on interior and exterior stairways
  • Garden and patio railings
  • Period and heritage railings
  • Railings on porches and roof terraces
  • Balconies and decking railings
  • Contemporary, modern and traditional styles.
  • Railings for factories, commercial and retail outlets
  • Safety railings on ramps
  • Handrails

Tony Perry's expert team has an in-depth understanding of various materials and designs, offering solutions that seamlessly align with both modern and heritage architecture. The company's proficiency extends beyond fabrication on a fast turnaround to include meticulous installation, ensuring railings meet safety regulations. They are expertly installed to dovetail with existing local metalwork and fixings if required. We can also provide comprehensive maintenance guidance and refurbishment services.

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A Comprehensive And Credible One-Stop Service To Make Your Metalwork Easy

Tony Perry metalwork fabrication has been serving architects, retail and property developers, builders, construction companies, local councils and large civil engineering companies across London, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the Home Counties for more than 30 years. ​We specialise in the fabrication and installation of bespoke steel products, including any fixings or brackets your project needs. We offer a flexible and dynamic service and our work ranges from site Arc, MIG & TIG welding to bespoke wall railings, staircase railings, and balcony railings for high-end and heritage properties. We also manage shotblasting, galvanising, powder coating and painting to simplify the process for our clients. Our delivery is some of the best in the UK and the range of tools and products we use allow us to support you and deliver a result you can be proud of – without the stress.

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Stress-Free Railings In Three Simple Steps

1. Discuss your project - Share your exact project requirements and desired outcome with us and we’ll show you lots of options for how we can bring your design ideas to life.

2. Precision Production – After a site survey and careful planning we'll create stunning, bespoke metalwork to your exacting needs.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Your order will be delivered on time to the highest specification, and we’ll even fit it for you too if required.

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We Listen Hard And Look After Your Specific Project Needs

Your reputation is on the line if ever a project goes wrong. That’s why at Tony Perry, you’ll always be able to reach someone on the phone to support you and talk through the details, so we can plan with care and precision and go the extra mile to get it right first time. Our workshop team are trained to install your railings too, taking complete ownership of every step of the process so you can be confident your project is in capable hands.

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The last thing you need from your metalwork
supplier is a headache

Choosing the right metalwork partner is a critical decision that can impact the success of your project. At Tony Perry metalwork fabrication, we believe that making the right choice is about more than just getting beautiful metalwork – it's about avoiding the potential pitfalls that can arise without a trusted and experienced partner by your side. Without a confident guide you could be facing:

  • Compromised Quality
  • Project Delays
  • Overlooked Details
  • Increased Costs
  • Lack of Expert Advice
  • Poor Safety

We take pride in being the dependable partner you can count on. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction ensures that your metalwork project is in the best hands. Don't leave the success of your project to chance. Choose Tony Perry and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with true metalwork professionals.

Customer Reviews


Jay Hector

C2 Design and Build - Used Tony Perry for many years, great service, helpful and professional. Will be using Tony Perry Metalwork Fabricators for many years to come!!

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Robert Ayre

I needed something making the same day. I got in touch with Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrications and it was completed and ready within the hour. I will use these guys again.

Frequently Asked Questions about the manufacture and installation of metal railings.


What types of metal does Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication use for its railings?

At Tony Perry we work with a range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and iron, to make sure you have the option to customise your railings to suit your needs. Need an alternative to wrought-iron railing for your patio? No problem. The choice of material can impact the cost; however, this can be addressed during our initial comprehensive free quote service.

Can Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication customise metal railings according to specific design requirements?

Of course! At Tony Perry Limited, we specialise in crafting bespoke metal railings that perfectly match your design vision and project needs. Whether you're looking for a distinctive shape, specific finishes, or unique features, our team will collaborate closely with you to transform your ideas into reality. Our goal is to create railings that are not only ornamental but also tailored to enhance functionality.

What are the benefits of choosing Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication for my metal railings project?

Whether it's for interior décor or exterior safety, railings provide a sense of security while enhancing the visual appeal of any space. At Tony Perry Limited, our skilled metal fabricators create intricate and eye-catching designs that elevate your property. We understand that every detail counts, as railings are always on show. With our expertise, you can trust that the finish will be nothing short of professional and fine-tuned to your preferences.

Will Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication stick to project timelines and deadlines?

We know that delays can be a cause for concern – but worry not! At Tony Perry Limited, we prioritise delivering on time, every time. Our experienced team work diligently to complete the installation within the agreed-upon timeframe. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we go the extra mile to keep your project on track.

Do I need planning permission to install railings?

In most cases, owners are looking to fit the railings around the boundary of a property. If this runs within 3 metres of a road, then you shouldn’t need planning permission providing the railing is no taller than 1 metre from the ground. Railings which are installed more than 3 metres from the road can usually be up to 2 metres tall without requiring planning permission. If your property is within the land of a listed building or a conservation area, or the railing will form the boundary with such land you may be required to get permission for any works. If in doubt, we can guide you through the entire process and give you any advice you need.

How do metal railings need to be maintained?

Most of our railings are galvanised to prevent rust and are coated to prevent further water damage. You can use washing up liquid or a vinegar solution to help remove any stubborn or sticky marks that may appear over time. Outdoor metal stair railings will usually be kept clean by rainwater, but you might want to manually clean them now and then to keep them looking new. Aside from the odd polish, our railings require very little maintenance.

Can you handle the installation of your metal railings?

Our installation team is made up of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in on-site railing installation. Rest assured, your project will be handled efficiently and with minimal disruption. Your safety is our priority, and our team takes all necessary precautions to ensure the stability and security of the railings during and after installation. Trust in our expertise for a seamless and worry-free installation.

What material is better for railings near the sea area?

Stainless steel is generally considered a better choice for railings near the sea because it is more resistant to corrosion than normal metal. Stainless steel is an alloy that forms a protective layer on the surface which prevents rust and corrosion. This is particularly important in coastal areas where salt and moisture can cause rust and corrosion on metal surfaces.

How can I get started with my metal railings project with Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication?

Ready to bring your vision to life? Take the first step by reaching out to our team at Tony Perry Limited. With our comprehensive consultation, we dive into your design ideas, project requirements, and budget considerations. Our experts will be your trusted guides throughout the process, providing expert advice and insights to help you make informed decisions about your metal railings. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to tailoring our solutions to perfectly match your needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and let our team make your dream a reality.