Staircase and Balustrade Fabrication For Commercial and Residential Projects

End-to-end bespoke and functional stairs and balustrades covering London, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia and the Home Counties.


Fast turnaround

Reliable Craftsmanship

Tailored to your needs

Beautiful stairs and balustrades minus the hassle

At Tony Perry, we understand the significance of getting your staircases and balustrades right, regardless of your property's size or project complexity. Poorly designed balustrades lead to client disappointment, delays on site, and embarrassment for you. That's why we're here to provide you with the expertise you deserve at every stage of the process. Our team's experience ensures your indoor or outdoor staircases and balustrades are not only visually appealing but also fully compliant with building regulations. We take pride in enhancing your property with durable, timeless, and budget-friendly solutions.

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We operate a fast turnaround and ensure your projects are completed on time.

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Specialists in classic and decorative metalwork for heritage and premium properties.

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We build to measure, aiming to get every project right first time – and we never walk away from a problem.

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Bringing your stairs and balustrade designs to life with 3D CAD

Visualising the end result of a custom staircase and balustrade project can be a real challenge. No matter how vivid your imagination, describing the project alone rarely does it justice. That's where our dedicated team at Tony Perry comes in. Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in using computer-aided design (CAD) to generate accurate, intricate 2D and 3D designs of your project, to give you a clear picture of what's feasible and what's not. You'll get to see your finished product in detail, allowing for any necessary design tweaks and ensuring a smooth transition into the fabrication process.

We Design And Fabricate High-Quality Custom Balustrades and Staircases:

  • All types of staircases available including spiral, helical, and straight designs
  • Metal balustrades and railings
  • Classic, period and contemporary designs
  • Functional, safe, and secure
  • External and internal staircases
  • Fire escape staircases with integrated hoop ladders and safety features
  • A range of protective powder coatings and treatments (e.g., galvanisation) available to improve corrosion resistance

Our durable balustrades and staircases are designed for style and comfort, providing safe and improved access within your property.

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A Comprehensive And Credible One-Stop Service To Make Your Metalwork Easy

Tony Perry has been serving architects, retail and property developers, builders, construction companies, local councils and large civil engineering companies across London, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the Home Counties for more than 30 years. ​We specialise in the fabrication and installation of bespoke steel products, including any fixings or brackets your project needs. We offer a flexible and dynamic service and our work ranges from site Arc, MIG & TIG welding to bespoke staircases, bannisters and balustrades for high-end and heritage properties. We also manage shotblasting, galvanising, powder coating and painting to simplify the process for our clients. The quality of our workmanship is some of the best you’ll see in the UK and the range of tools and products we use allow us to support you and deliver a result you can be proud of – without the stress.

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Stress-Free Balustrades and Stairs In Three Simple Steps

1. Discuss your project - Share your exact project requirements and desired outcome with us and we’ll show you how we can bring your design ideas to life.

2. Precision Production – After a site survey and careful planning we'll create stunning, bespoke metalwork to your exacting needs.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Your order will be delivered on time to the highest specification, and we’ll even fit it for you too if required.

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We Listen Hard And Look After Your Specific Project Needs

Your reputation is on the line if ever a project goes wrong. That’s why at Tony Perry, you’ll always be able to reach someone on the phone to support you and talk through the details, so we can plan with care and precision and go the extra mile to get it right first time. Our workshop team are trained to install your balustrades and staircases too, taking complete ownership of every step of the process so you can be confident your project is in capable hands.

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The last thing you need from your metalwork
supplier is a headache

Choosing the right metalwork partner is a critical decision that can impact the success of your project. At Tony Perry metalwork fabrication, we believe that making the right choice is about more than just getting beautiful metalwork – it's about avoiding the potential pitfalls that can arise without a trusted and experienced partner by your side. Without a confident guide you could be facing:

  • Compromised Quality
  • Project Delays
  • Overlooked Details
  • Increased Costs
  • Lack of Expert Advice
  • Poor Safety

We take pride in being the dependable partner you can count on. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction ensures that your metalwork project is in the best hands. Don't leave the success of your project to chance. Choose Tony Perry and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with true metalwork professionals.

Frequently Asked Question The Manufacture and Installation of Our Balconies


What types of metal does Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication use for its staircases?

At Tony Perry, we offer a diverse range of high-quality metals for your staircases. Our selection includes materials such as steel, stainless steel, and iron, offering you a variety of options to suit your specific project needs and design preferences. These metals offer durability, strength, and a timeless look. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek design or a timeless, intricate look, we have the perfect metal to match your style.

Can Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication customise my staircase or balustrade according to specific design requirements?

At Tony Perry, we take pride in our ability to customise staircases and balustrades according to your specific design requirements. Your vision is our priority, and we're dedicated to creating bespoke solutions that perfectly match your style and needs. Whether you have a particular design in mind or need assistance in shaping your ideas, our team of skilled craftsmen will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

What are the benefits of choosing Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication for my staircase project?

Choosing Tony Perry for your staircase project means getting personalised metalwork with top-notch craftsmanship. Our skilled metal fabricators put everything into each staircase, tailoring it to your style and needs. You'll receive expert guidance throughout, ensuring a seamless experience as we elevate your property with a captivating centrepiece. Trust us to craft a staircase that exceeds your expectations.

Where is the best location to put a balustrade?

Placing a balustrade along the edges of balconies, terraces, or raised areas, provides a protective barrier and prevents accidental falls. Entrances and porches can also benefit from balustrades, creating a welcoming and stylish entryway. For interior settings, incorporating a balustrade along staircases and mezzanines adds a touch of elegance whilst improving safety for everyone. We collaborate closely with you to determine the perfect location for your balustrade, accounting for your design preferences and safety requirements.

Will Tony Perry Metalwork Fabrication stick to project timelines and deadlines?

We know that delays can be a cause for concern – but worry not! At Tony Perry, we prioritise delivering on time, every time, to ease your concerns. Our experienced team work diligently to complete the installation within the agreed-upon timeframe. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we go the extra mile to keep your project on track.

Do I need planning permission to install a staircase?

If the staircase is installed within your private property, planning permission may not be required. However, specific scenarios, such as staircases leading to a public area or an external structure, may warrant approval from local authorities. Properties located in conservation areas or listed buildings may have additional planning regulations that need consideration. Rest assured, with Tony Perry by your side, you'll have the expertise and support needed to ensure a smooth and compliant installation.

How do balustrades need to be maintained?

Proper maintenance is key to preserve your balustrades' look and functionality. Our installation teams make sure your balustrades are given protective treatments and coatings to preserve the sleek finish you’ll be proud of. With proper care, your balustrades will last for years. If you need further maintenance or assistance, just give Tony Perry a call. We're here to help you keep your balustrades in top shape.

Can you handle the installation of my new staircase or balustrade?

Our installation team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in on-site staircase and balustrade installation. You can rest easy knowing that your project will be handled efficiently and with minimal disruption. Safety is paramount to us, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure the stability and security of your staircase and balustrade during and after installation. Your peace of mind is our priority. Trust in our expertise for a seamless and worry-free installation process. With Tony Perry, your staircase and balustrade will be crafted with precision and installed with care, ensuring a stunning and safe addition to your space.

How can I get started with my balustrade or staircase project with Tony Perry?

Ready to bring your vision to life? Take the first step by reaching out to our team at Tony Perry. With our comprehensive consultation, we dive into your design ideas, project requirements, and budget considerations. Our experts will be your trusted guides throughout the process, providing expert advice and insights to help you make informed decisions about your project. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to tailoring our solutions to perfectly match your needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and let our team make your dream a reality.