Metal Balustrades In The Workplace

Did you know that your hand naturally looks for something to hold onto every time you encounter a staircase?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, falls from heights are the leading cause of fatal accidents in the UK. So it is vital to make sure anyone moving between different height levels of your workplace is safely supported.

Metal balustrades provide a combination of visual appeal and practicality that keep both employees and visitors safe in your workplace. Here are some advantages of including metal balustrades and handrails in your workplace – a transformation that can be budget-friendly, ensure safety and make an impressive style statement in the process.

Why Your Building Might Need Metal Balustrades

If your property requires balustrading to comply with building regulations and protect people, stainless steel balustrades offer considerable advantages, including strength and durability, low maintenance and improved resistance to corrosion. They also have an attractive visual appearance and can be used to reflect light and brighten up your space. These metal balustrades possess remarkable structural integrity, are designed to handle heavy usage and remain resistant to wear and deterioration for an extended time. In comparison to other materials, like wood or glass, metal is more resilient to scratches, dents, sunlight, rain and humidity. Balustrades can be employed in many places, like stairways, platforms, mezzanines, pedestrian walkways, and large foyers, and maintaining their durability for up to 25 years with minimal upkeep.

Enduring Strength and Long-Lasting Resilience

Metal balustrades are renowned for their longevity, making them the ideal choice for property and business owners looking for a lasting feature that offers low through-life costs of ownership and requires minimal maintenance.

Often, stainless steel is chosen for its innate toughness and protection against corrosion. Blending in chromium, nickel, and molybdenum enhances the strength of stainless steel and helps deter rusting and staining. Stainless steel or galvanised and powdercoated carbon steel metal balustrades, can withstand all much harsher situations, including high humidity and coastal conditions where salty sea breezes would quickly cause other materials to lose their finish and integrity.

Unlike cheaper materials, stainless steel railings require minimal upkeep. Generally, wiping with a micro-fibre cloth or a gentle soap and water mixture is enough to keep them in great condition. With correct design, installation and maintenance, balustrades constructed using marine-grade stainless steel can remain undamaged for up to a quarter-century whilst still conserving their structural integrity and beauty.

Greater Protections for Everyone

52% of all fatalities caused by falls from a height in the UK in 2022 were in the construction sector, hence guaranteeing the safety of those present for your construction projects and visitors to your premises is paramount.  

Whether it’s stairs, balconies, mezzanine floors, landings, or rooftops, metal balustrades can help give you the assurance you need to keep everyone in your workplace safe.

Metal balustrades – understanding the options

A wide range of metal balustrades are available to match both traditional and modern styles. When it comes to creating an aesthetically appealing and sophisticated look for your property, metal balustrades can be produced in a range of designs, profiles and finishes to suit your interior and exterior design preferences. Thanks to its malleability, metal provides plenty of flexible options for designs, textures, and patterns which give you the freedom to pick the ideal balustrade design for your commercial property.

Classic metal railings can feature cast finials and adornments together with woven, twisted and curved infills to match the period of the property or make a design statement. These opulent, traditional and heritage railings deliver enduring splendour and can replace and improve worn or non-compliant cast-iron railings and maintain or enhance the appeal of listed properties or high-value commercial and residential properties, estates or public buildings.

Alternatively, if a cutting-edge and modern theme appeals more, smooth stainless steel or aluminium guardrails with clean, linear forms and simple styles are ideal for attaining a sleek and elegant look. These metal railings are frequently used in contemporary properties, tall-rise office buildings, or business areas, where they bring a modern feel and extra detail to create an airy and expansive atmosphere.

When combined with glazed infills, stainless steel railings deliver a visually stunning and safe barrier without constraining the view – making them ideal for car showrooms, retail display areas, swimming pools and balconies with a view.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless Edwardian or Victorian design or the luxurious feel of contemporary glazed styles, metal balustrades can be fabricated to match your style, budget and architectural goals.

Get a Reliable Balustrade that Keeps Your Business Safe

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